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 Contractor Membership

MEPO is a group of Oklahoma Mechanical - Electrical - Plumbing Contractors who work together to improve the Industries, promote good practices, and keep homes and buildings safe, clean and comfortable. As a member of MEPO of OK, you not only become a part of this valuable network, but you also have access to benefits on a local level, benefits like affordable continuing education, valuable networking events and discounts.

Our number one goal is to support you and help you to succeed in the State of Oklahoma Need more information?  Let us show you how your company can benefit from MEPO of OK membership. Click here to contact us by email or call us at 918-978-6888 


Partner or Associate Membership


Not a Contractor? MEPO of OK also has Associate Memberships. Associate membership gives you access to MEPO of OK members - owners and employees of companies who support you with products and services.

You are an Associate if your firm supplies materials, parts or equipment or you are in the architect and engineer field. You are an Associate if your company is indirectly affiliated with the industry. 

Have any questions?  Call the MEPO of OK office at 918-978-6888 or email us at We are happy to assist you.